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6th Industrializing Cultivated Meat & Seafood Summit

27 - 29 August 2024

Boston, MA, USA


6th Industrializing Cultivated Meat & Seafood Summit

Alongside Umami Bioworks, GFI, and Green Circle Capital, this brand-new program for the 6th Industrializing Cultivated Meat & Seafood Summit (August, Boston), returning with a renewed focus on providing the path to commercial viability. 

Having supported the industry through 6 years of investment hype, highs, and lows, this event will cut through the noise of trade shows, hosting candid case studies, honest panel discussions, and premium networking to forge strategic partnerships and decarbonize the food system. 

Here’s a snapshot of the most business-critical 3 days of your 2024 calendar:

  • 150+ C-Suite food tech leaders, CPG and incumbent innovation leads, investors, and strategic partners will unite to build out the future of sustainable protein production

  • A brand-new complementary executives’ breakfast hosted by mission-driven investors from Big Idea Ventures, Green Circle Capital Food Tech Ventures, Newtree Impact, McWin Capital Partners, and EcoTech Capital to rebuild collaborative relationships and guide your forward-looking strategy

  • Brand-new technical case studies from the likes of Clever Carnivore, Avant Meats, and CellX to benchmark against and supercharge your innovation to stay ahead of the curve of technical development

  • A presentation from the FDA on the new submission guidance followed by open Q&A to answer your burning questions

  • A new Post-Conference Think Tank Day to build out the future through competitive collaboration, covering topics like leaning on incumbent industry expertise and navigating the current political climate as an industry with Umami Bioworks, Jellatech, GFI, and Future Affairs

This summit is a pivotal event to reflect on the significant milestones of the past 10+ years and, critically, to create a viable roadmap to achieve technical and commercial viability with your peers and collaborators.

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