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Aqua Italia, part of Anima Confindustria, has announced the establishment of a new group dedicated to the water coolers industry: Watercoolers Italia.

Watercoolers Italia is an association that unites major Italian companies engaged in bottling and distributing water, as well as manufacturers of point-of-use products and equipment essential to the sector's supply chain.

Watercoolers Italia, through Aqua Italia, will aim to enhance the economic and social roles of associated companies by promoting collaboration with public bodies and institutions. It will also protect the general and collective interests of the sector, and facilitate and harmonise the activities of companies within the industry.

Aqua Italia's president, Fabrizio Leoni, said: “We are proud to have strengthened and expanded our membership base for 2024 and the coming years, certain that the new companies in the water coolers group will contribute to strengthening and making more effective the work and activities carried out by the association. This new group will not only welcome bottle and water cooler manufacturers, but also distributors as aggregate members.”

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Aqua Italia establishes new group dedicated to water coolers

Rafaela Sousa

9 July 2024

Aqua Italia establishes new group dedicated to water coolers

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