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This year, the WQA Convention & Exposition celebrated its 50th anniversary as a trade association. Attendees were treated to a comprehensive educational agenda covering topics ranging from emerging contaminants, like PFAS, to effective business management strategies.

“Our convention theme, ‘Catalyst,’ describes how the convention will spark attendees to grow personally and professionally, as well as to acquire skills and contacts they need to grow their businesses,” said WQA events director Angie Silberhorn.

The conference kicked off with engaging sessions about the water industry, such as ‘The Secret to Ice Machine Water Treatment’ by Kinetico, ‘Drinking Water Treatment – A Zero Liquid Discharge Design’ by Cartwright and ‘Market Trends in the Water Treatment Industry’ by Kinetico, setting a tone of insightful discussion. Keynote speakers shared innovative organisational strategies, while WQA leadership awards honoured industry leaders.

Meanwhile, the exposition floor buzzed with activity as exhibitors showcased their advancements in water treatment technology. UV and filtration systems took centre stage.

From UV disinfection systems to innovative filtration solutions, attendees had the opportunity to explore a wide range of products designed to enhance water treatment efficiency and effectiveness.

AquiSense, for instance, exhibited its PearlAqua Micro, which stands as the world’s smallest UV disinfection system, boasting disinfection performance powered by UV-C LEDs and a flow cell design.

Waterdrop featured its range of reverse osmosis water filters and purifier systems at the exposition. Among its offerings was the Waterdrop CoreRO Countertop Water Filter, showcasing the Canadian company’s commitment to providing home water purification solutions. The system boasts a five-stage filtration process enclosed within a compact countertop design. With its 0.0001μm reverse osmosis membrane, it ensures water is free from lead, fluoride and other contaminants.

Crystal IS featured its Klaran UVC LEDs to disinfect water, air and surfaces in various applications. The LEDs emit ultraviolet light in the key germicidal wavelength range from 260nm to 270nm to inactivate a variety of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

In the realm of water dispensers, Blupura introduced its latest model, the Rebel water dispenser, capable of dispensing 30 litres per hour with options for both hot and cold water. Additionally, Waco presented a premium line of water dispensers, such as the Infinite Series and the I Fev series.

Cosmetal – part of the Celli Group – showcased its Hi-Class Top 20 water dispenser, which has a multiple dispensing system that provides both cold and hot water.

The event also offered a networking opportunity, where everyone gathered to strengthen connections within the industry. Attendees engaged in lively discussions, sharing insights and experiences, and exploring potential collaborations that could drive innovation and growth in their respective businesses.

Overall, the WQA Convention & Exposition 2024 delivered valuable insights, networking, and business opportunities for attendees, reinforcing its importance in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Stay up-to-date by following our social media channels for an upcoming interview with Judd Larned, the incoming president of WQA, discussing the latest industry trends.

In review: WQA Convention & Exposition 2024

Dan Bunt

15 March 2024

In review: WQA Convention & Exposition 2024

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