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Mars Wrigley has introduced Skittles Giants Gooey candies, featuring large, soft fruit-flavoured shells filled with a gooey citrus centre.

This latest innovation capitalises on the trend for adventurous and unexpected flavours while tapping into the growing demand for fruit-inspired confectionery, which has seen a steady increase in the category at a CAGR of 4.3%.

Available in two packaging formats, each bag contains five popular fruit flavours: Strawberry, Lime, Lemon, Blackcurrant and Orange. The 109g treat bag size has now launched in the impulse channel, with a 125g pouch set to hit grocery, discounter and digital channels soon (RSP £1.35).

 Alice Maramotti, Skittles senior brand manager, said: “We have a track record of pushing flavour, taste and texture boundaries to help drive category innovation, excitement and growth. Last year we had Skittles Desserts and before that, Skittles Squishy Cloudz in Fruits and Crazy Sours flavours. These unique tastes and textures sit at the heart of our innovation pipeline and bring a sense of fun to the category.”

She added: “Skittles Giants Gooey is the next major chapter in our innovation story, offering an impactful twist on a favourite SKU and taking our NPD strategy to the next level. By extending the Skittles Giants range, for which 40% of shoppers are incremental to the category, we will drive frequency and penetration among shoppers looking for a flavour adventure with a burst of intensity.”

Mars Wrigley debuts latest confectionery product: Skittles Giants Gooey


30 April 2024

Mars Wrigley debuts latest confectionery product: Skittles Giants Gooey

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