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Oasis is proud to launch a new range of products: New bottle fillers with reimagined alcoves are characterised by elegance, precision and, most importantly, meet all hygiene requirements and facilitate contactless access to water. The Oasis bottle filler has a new sleek stainless-steel skin, that’s bigger and better than ever before! With enhanced alcoves to fit even the largest of bottles.

Stainless steel bottle fillers are an essential component of modern beverage production, offering a blend of durability, hygiene and efficiency that makes them an industry standard. As the beverage industry continues to expand and innovate, stainless steel fillers play a critical role in ensuring production meets demand while maintaining high quality and safety standards.

Key Features:

Accuracy and consistency: our bottle fillers accurately measure and dispense liquid to ensure consistent bottle fill levels. This is crucial for product quality and customer satisfaction.

Sanitation: cleanliness and hygiene are vital in the beverage industry. Oasis bottle fillers are designed to easily clean and sanitise to prevent contamination.

Speed and efficiency: Oasis bottle fillers have strong flow rates, filling bottles quickly and efficiently without compromising quality.

Sustainability tracker: featuring an integrated bottle counter to showcase sustainability credentials.

Contactless: we have added a fully contactless range of products that fill bottles without physically touching them. These systems utilise an electronic sensor to measure and dispense water into bottles with remarkable accuracy. By eliminating direct contact between the filler and the bottle, the risk of contamination is significantly reduced.

Contactless bottle fillers represent the future of beverage production, offering unmatched hygiene,

Drinking fountains, once a simple and often overlooked amenity, have seen a resurgence in popularity as communities strive to promote sustainability and public health. As cities and organisations recognise the importance of accessible water sources, drinking fountains have transformed from their traditional roots into modern, user-friendly installations.

Oasis offers a combination of bottle filler and drinking fountain; a combo that meets everybody’s needs. Our modern designs focus on sustainability, accessibility and health.

Oasis combo units encourage the use of reusable bottles with the inclusion of bottle-filling stations. These stations allow users to refill their bottles quickly and efficiently, whilst reducing plastic waste.

Oasis advanced filtration systems ensure that the water provided is clean and safe.

Benefits of bottle fillers and drinking fountains:

Environmental impact: providing accessible water sources, drinking fountains, and/or bottle fillers helps to reduce the demand for single-use bottles.

Public health: ready access to clean water encourages hydration and promotes overall health.

Community spaces: drinking fountains and/or bottle fillers contribute to creating a welcoming and inclusive public space where people can gather and socialize.

As the world becomes more focused on sustainability and health, drinking fountains and bottle fillers will continue to play a key role in public spaces. They not only provide refreshing water but signify a step toward a more sustainable and healthy future. Innovative designs and technologies will likely drive further improvements.

Wondering how to reach your sustainability goals and to improve the well-being of people in your facility or the local area? Then look no further, we are the Oasis you need. Browse our hydration dispenser here.

Oasis bottle filler: Innovative techniques and mastering the perfect pour

Dan Bunt

7 May 2024

Oasis bottle filler: Innovative techniques and mastering the perfect pour

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